Frank VanderSloot Honored as Entrepreneur of the Year from Idaho, by Newt Gingrich

Frank VanderSloot and NewtWASHINGTON, DC - Former Speaker of the House and General Chairman of American Solutions, Newt Gingrich, recently honored Mr. Frank L. Vandersloot, CEO of Melaleuca, Inc., as American Solutions 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year from Idaho. Speaker Gingrich recognized Mr. Frank Vandersloot at an American Solutions awards dinner on September 23, 2009 at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington, DC.

"While Washington politicians are busy pushing for job-killing health care and energy taxes, it's important that successful businessmen like Frank are recognized for doing what it takes to create jobs. America is nearing 10% unemployment, and creating new jobs is necessary for economic recovery. Unlike Washington, business leaders like Mr. VanderSloot realize that America does not work if Americans are not working. I look forward to working with Frank on advancing real solutions to help create more jobs and get our economy moving again."

In wake of the Federal Reserve's recent report that we are nearing a 10% national unemployment rate, American Solutions launched a "Jobs Here - Jobs Now - Jobs First" agenda that contains four positive solutions to help small business create new jobs now.

The four solutions are a 2 year, 50% payroll tax cut, cutting the corporate tax rate to 12.5% to match Ireland, abolishing the capital gains tax to match China, and ending the death tax.

To learn more about the "Jobs Here - Jobs Now - Jobs First" agenda, visit

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