Melaleuca on the Inc. 500 for Second Year!

Inc. magazine has ranked Melaleuca, Inc. as one of the fastest-growing companies in America for the second year in a row! Melaleuca continues to be one of America's fastest-growing private companies. Out of over 18 million privately-held companies and partnerships in the United States, approximately 21,000 companies met requirements to be considered for inclusion in the prestigious Inc. 500. In the final listing of the top 500 companies, Melaleuca has been ranked #105.

Inc. magazine is the nation's foremost authority in reporting and tracking the growth of U.S. corporations. To appear on its annual list of the country's top 500 companies once is an outstanding achievement. Because of the difficulty of ever making the exclusive Inc. 500 listing, only 30% on the listing in a given year ever make it again. And judging from Melaleuca's phenomenal expansion in 1991, an exceptional third time on the list next year is very likely.

The Inc. 500 ranking is based on the percentage increase in sales over the most recent 5-year period. This year's #105 ranking, based on figures from 1986 through 1990, actually reflects an even greater increase in sales over a five-year period than last year's #37 ranking, which covered 1985 through 1989. The accompanying chart illustrates how the Inc. 500 is calculated. In 1991, Melaleuca has grown at an even faster pace than in 1990. Note the dramatic sales growth in the second period and where we expect the company December 1991 to end up in 1991. Estimated figures for the third five-year period reflect our phenomenal growth this year.

President Frank VanderSloot views the Inc. 500 honor as the result of dedicated efforts by Melaleuca's marketing executives, customers and employees alike. "We have a tremendous management team, hundreds of outstanding employees, and a field of customers and marketing executives second to none," he says. "Together, they have created this enormous success, and they totally deserve the honor and tribute that Inc. has bestowed upon them. 1 deeply appreciate their hard work, dedication, and loyal support."

The Inc. 500 Reprint: An Effective Sales and Enrollment Tool

When Melaleuca first appeared on the Inc. 500 list in December of 1990, reprints of the Inc. article were made available for purchase. Thousands of marketing executives have used these reprints as sales and enrollment tools with phenomenal success! A place on the Inc. 500 has added tremendous prestige and credibility to Melaleuca's already excellent name and reputation... and this year's honor will enhance the company's image and credibility still further.

To help you take advantage of this important new recognition, Melaleuca will make reprints of the 1991 Inc. article available for purchase in January—just in time to help get your new year off to an electrifying start! Watch your January Melagram for details...and make plans now to use this exciting new tool to build your Melaleuca business in 1992!

"An Historic Event For All Of Us!"

Melaleuca Makes the Inc. 500 List for the Third Consecutive Year! It's an honor to which many aspire...but very few achieve: the Inc. 500! In an economy in which other companies struggle to stay afloat and employee layoffs are rising dramatically, Melaleuca has achieved the seemingly impossible — a spot in Inc. magazine's top 500 companies for the third consecutive year! Not only has Melaleuca made the list, it's captured the position of the 47th fastest-growing, privately held company in the entire country. Equally impressive, it has done so with an "A" financial rating for the third straight year. No other company listed in the past three years has achieved this remarkable distinction! To what does Melaleuca attribute this great success? Its marketing executives, customers, management and employees. In the words of Melaleuca President & CEO Frank L. VanderSloot, "This is an historic event for all of us. We could not have come this far without teamwork, loyalty, innovation, diligence and an unsurpassed team spirit."

November 1992


To be included in the Inc. 500 is no small achievement. Out of some 18 million privately held companies in the United States, only 21,000 were nominated for review because of their rapid growth and strong history over the past five years. From these 21,000 companies, Inc. reviews the percentage of sales growth over the past five years to create the final rankings. The result is a list that separates those who survive from those who thrive — the Inc. 500.

The 1990 ranking of 105 was a landmark in itself — a second consecutive year on the list, an achievement only 30% of Inc. 500 companies can boast. The 1991 ranking of 47 places Melaleuca among an even more elite group.

Since 1982, when Inc. began the annual list, only 5% of the companies listed have ever achieved three consecutive years on the list.


During the past five years, despite one of the worst recessions the country has seen since the 1930's, Melaleuca achieved an increase in sales of more than 4,000%. And it won't stop there. Past performance is usually the best indication of the future. With the continually outstanding performance by all involved in Melaleuca, the future is looking brighter than ever.


It's been seven phenomenal years of growth for Melaleuca. The numbers speak for themselves:


Success. It lends credibility to a company. It demands respect. It's the most valuable of all marketing tools, but one that money can't buy. Success must be earned. Now you can make this success work for you. Once again, Melaleuca will be offering reprints of the Inc. 500 article (available in January, 1993). Include this impressive achievement in your Melaleuca presentations. This growth and the company's superb financial rating put Melaleuca in a class of its own.


With estimated sales for 1992 surpassing $200 million, Melaleuca is virtually assured a place on the 1992 Inc. 500 list for a fourth year in a row. That's an honor very few companies can claim — and one that will solidly position Melaleuca as a leader in the United States business community!

Inc. 500: 4th Consecutive Year


For the fourth year in a row, Melaleuca, Inc. has earned its way onto the prestigious Inc. 500 list. Only two percent of the companies that have made the list have ever done it four times in a row. And no other company has ever been named four years in a row while maintaining an "A" profit rating. Melaleuca has done all of this while continuing to improve its established products and invest in and introduce whole new product lines like Vitality for Life'.

Still more impressive, the bigger a company gets, the harder it is to maintain Inc. 500 levels of growth. Only four companies on this year's list reported more than $200 million in sales.

The Inc. 500 lists the 500 fastest-growing, privately held companies in the nation. Unlike the Fortune 500 which lists publicly held companies, the Inc. 500 only lists those companies that are privately held. The list is based on percentage revenue growth over the previous five years.

This year Inc. Magazine also ranked the nation's. top five companies in job creation and the top ten companies by absolute dollar growth.

Melaleuca: # 4 in the Nation in Absolute Dollar Growth

This means that during the period between 1988 and 1992 Melaleuca's annual sales increased by $188,721,000. Only three other companies on the Inc. 500 list had dollar sales growth larger than this.

Melaleuca: #5 in the Nation in Job Creation

In a period of historically large job layoffs, Melaleuca created 799 full-time jobs from 1988-1992. This does not take into consideration the tens of thousands who are earning income as Melaleuca Marketing Executives.

Melaleuca: #138 in the Nation in Percentage Increase in Sales

In 1988 Melaleuca annual sales were nearly $12 million. In 1992 annual sales were more than $200 million. Melaleuca grew by 1,622% over the previous five years.

Melaleuca and its unique and innovative system of marketing, Consumer Direct Marketing, is succeeding while traditional marketers are experiencing slow growth or downsizing.

When customers purchase Melaleuca products they are actively participating in the redistribution of the opportunity for wealth in our economy—from major corporations to American households. Melaleuca's philosophy of offering exceptional products at reasonable prices is an opportunity for hundreds of thousands of American families who refuse to give up on the American Dream.

Melaleuca is proud to lead a revolution that is helping to reshape the future for thousands of Americans by creating jobs and providing opportunity without risk in these tough times. "Behind the typical Inc. 500 company is a great story about personal triumph, economic growth, and job creation. And in front of them all lies the future of the new economy."

—Inc. Magazine, October 1993

Top Five Companies in Job Creation


Gateway 2000 1,807

Sunrise Terrace 950

MVM 950

Edwards & Co. 643

Melaleuca 799

Top 10 Companies by

Absolute Dollar Growth

1988.1992 (in thousands)

Gateway 2000 $1,095,289

Kingston Technology $240,761

Staff Leasing $208,233

Melaleuca $188,721

Ward Petroleum $154,587

Ma Laboratories $151.969

J.D. Edwards & Co. $145,644

Drypers $139.937

U.S. Computer $139.497

DCT Systems Group $122,132

While the Fortune 500 shed 3.5 million jobs during the 1980s, Inc. 500 companies helped keep the economy growing. In a League of Its Own:

♦ Melaleuca is the only company on this year's list that has ever been named four years in a row and maintained an "A" profit rating.

♦ Only two percent of the companies that have made the list have ever done it four times in a row.

♦ Only four companies on this year's list reported more than $200 million in sales.

Melaleuca Makes Inc. 500 5th Year in a Row

Once again, Inc. magazine has named Melaleuca one of Americas fastest-growing companies. For the fifth consecutive year, Melaleuca is part of the prestigious Inc. 500! Only 27 companies have made the list five times—and Melaleuca is the first company in history to make it five times with an "A" profit rating all five years. Many companies that made the list fewer times than Melaleuca have gone on to become household names in America—companies like Microsoft, which made the list two times... Domino's Pizza, on it once... Jenny Craig, included twice... Patagonia, listed three times... and Charles Schwab, listed once.

The Inc. 500 recognizes the 500 privately held U.S. companies with the highest rate of growth over the previous five years. It gets harder to make the list as a company gets larger, because the bigger a company gets the higher its revenues must go just to maintain the same percentage of growth. On this year's Inc. 500, Melaleuca was the second largest company in total revenue—and still achieved the top half of the 500 companies listed. Each year Inc. compares the growth of about 20,000 businesses, nominated from the 18,000,000 privately held companies in the United States, to determine the 500 fastest growing. One of the qualifications for the Inc. 500 is the company must have been in business at least five years. Melaleuca made the list the first year it was eligible and has been on it every year since.

The Inc. 500 ranks companies' growth over a five-year period, and in the first of those five years the company's revenues must be less than $25 million. Because it had revenues of $29 million in 1990—the "base year" for next year's Inc. 500— Melaleuca is now too large to be included on future lists.

"Five years on the Inc. 500 is an impressive vote of confidence in the future of Melaleuca and the entire Melaleuca family," says President and CEO Frank VanderSloot.

"Being consistently one of America's fastest-growing businesses, in the company of success stories like Microsoft, says a lot about who we are and where we're going. We were listed every year we could be! This kind of success is only possible because of the drive, determination and skill of Melaleuca's Marketing Executives—it is recognition of their accomplishments as well as those of our dedicated employees."